The following case histories are based on articles from The Oregonian newspaper:

Article Date



980605 Dax Herrara, 20 Herrara was charged with manslaughter, drunken driving, felony hit and run, reckless driving and recklessly endangering after an accident that killed Garrick Case Scott, age 7.
980119 James Tagabuel, 35 Tagabuel drove his car at 85 mph. At 2:54 AM, he crashed into another car, killing Chandler Lewis Bates, 24. Arley Aratola was in critical condition.

In 1991, a DUII citation against Tagabuel was dismissed after he completed a "diversion" program.

980110 Janet Sue Combs On August 2, 1997, Janet Sue Combs killed David Lee Trentham, 51.

Her blood alcohol was three times the Oregon limit.

She was convicted for manslaughter and drunken driving and sentenced to eight years in prison.

971230 Gene Raymond Nudo, 45 Nudo was charged with first-degree manslaughter and other counts after an accident that killed Alissa Marie Miller, 24. There was evidence that alcohol played a role. Nudo had a number of previous convictions, including DUII.

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