Printing a Measure 11/Measure 94 Information Booklet

This page contains instructions for printing a booklet of Measure 11/Measure 94 information.

Printing a booklet requires using a web browser that supports printing linked pages. The only browser that we know of which does this is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.

You can print a complete booklet (over 100 pages) or a condensed booklet (about 50 pages). The choice of which booklet to print is offered at the bottom of this page.


You will have to switch to another page to start printing the booklet so you may want to print these instructions now. The last step in these instructions tells you how to switch to the booklet printing page.

If you want to put your booklet in a three-ring-binder, buy three-hole punched paper, a three-ring binder, and a set of 8 binder dividers (e.g., Avery write-on tab dividers, part# 23078) from an office supply store. Put the three-hole paper in your printer.

In Internet Explorer 5, after switching to the booklet printing page, choose File->Print.

At the bottom of the Internet Explorer 5 print window you will see a checkbox labeled "Print all linked documents". Check this checkbox.

Click the OK button to start printing.

When the pages have printed, put them in the three ring binder.

Add tab dividers to the binder corresponding to the major sections listed on the booklet printing page.

Switching To The Booklet Printing Page

Print a complete booklet

Print a condensed booklet

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