Measure 11 is a 1994 ballot initiative that sets minimum mandatory sentences for serious crimes. It was approved by the voters of Oregon, by a nearly two-thirds majority, in 1994 and went into effect on April 1, 1995.

Crime Victims United was and is strongly in support of Measure 11. It ended an era in which people who committed serious crimes were slapped on the wrist and released, in many cases costing additional innocent people their lives or limbs. Measure 11 restored credibility to the Oregon Criminal Justice system. It has not only protected innocent people from violent criminals, and given victims real justice, but has also given people considering committing serious crimes something to think about.

In 2000, Measure 94 sought the repeal of Measure 11. It was defeated by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.

Measure 11 Basics

List of Measure 11 Crimes and Sentences

Evaluation of the seriousness of Measure 11 crimes

Victim's statements, speeches, articles, letters on Measure 11

Measure 11 Facts and Figures

Crime Victims United Measure 11 Presentation

Misrepresentations and Misconceptions About Measure 11

Because of preconceived notions or misinformation, people have many misconceptions about Measure 11.

Misrepresentations of Measure 11

Measure 11 Does Not Apply To Property Crimes, Drug Crimes or Petty Crimes

Measure 11 Is Not Incarcerating Legions of  Non-Violent Offenders

Measure 11 Does Not Apply To Minor Incidents (Part I)

Measure 11 Does Not Apply To Minor Incidents (Part II)

Measure 11 Has Not Triggered Additional Massive Spending

Oregonian Distorts Measure 11 Again

Criminal Justice Commissioner Distorts Measure 11

More Misconceptions

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Statistics And Analysis

Study profiling Measure 11 offenders in Multnomah County

Statistics from the Oregon Department of Corrections

Portland Violent Crime Statistics

Youth Arrest Statistics

Does Measure 11 Deter Juveniles From Crime?

Financial Impact of Measure 11

Oregon Violent Crime and Measure 11

Oregon Supreme Court Decision Measure 11

Historical Context

Full text of Ballot Measure11

Arguments that appeared in the November 1994 Voters' Pamphlet

Measure 11 election results

Full text of Ballot Measure 94

Arguments that appeared in the November 2000 Voters' Pamphlet

Measure 94 election results

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