Measure 94 - Repeal of Measure 11


Measure 94 appeared on the ballot in November of 2000. It would have repealed Measure 11, sharply reducing sentences for violent crimes and sex offenses. Crime Victims United took a leading role in opposing Measure 94. It was defeated by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.

Recap of Measure 94 campaign

The material below was prepared by Crime Victims United during the Measure 94 campaign.

A group of Oregonians who feel that we are too tough on violent criminals has sponsored a ballot measure that would repeal Measure 11. The ballot measure would not only repeal Measure 11, but would also require that everyone sentenced under Measure 11, including robbers, rapists, and murderers, be resentenced under the previous, more lenient system. A murderer sentenced to 25 years under Measure 11 could have his sentenced reduced to 10 years (minus two years off for "good time"). A murderer who was 15 to 17 years old would be re-sentenced as a juvenile and could serve as little as a few years.

Measure 94 Quick Facts

Hear No on 94 Radio Ads

Read Measure 94.

Comparison of sentencing under Measure 11 and the pre-Measure 11 sentencing system known as "Sentencing Guidelines".

Overview of Pro-Measure 94 Disinformation Campaign

Blatant Misrepresentations made by Measure 11 opponents

Measure 94 Debate - Point and Counterpoint

Measure 94 Voter's Pamphlet Arguments

Measure 94 Voter's Pamphlet Argument Misstatements

Position statements on Measure 94

Illustrative Cases

Does Measure 11 Deter Juveniles From Crime? 

Think you know the issues? Take the Measure 11/Measure 94 Quiz.

CVU Urgently Needs Your Contribution To Fight Measure 94

Here is a No on Measure 94 flyer that you can distribute.

Here are the proceedings of the CVU Mailing List as it relates to Measure 94.

Click here to print a booklet of Measure 11/Measure 94 information.

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