Jayne Ferlitsch Writes Letter on HB 2828


July 19, 2005

On June 10, 2005, the Oregon House of Representatives passed House Bill 2828 by a 54-4 vote. HB 2828 would elevate vehicular manslaughter to murder if the killer has a prior conviction for killing or seriously injuring someone while intoxicated or has three prior DUII convictions.

The bill then moved to the Senate where it needed to get through the Senate Rules Committee to a vote of the full Senate. But without the support of some key senators, the bill stalled in the committee.

Crime Victims United supporter Jayne Ferlitsch knew something about the circumstances covered by the bill. Her family was the victim of an intoxicated driver who had previously killed two people while driving intoxicated. She wrote this letter to Senator Kate Brown, the chair of the Senate Rules committee.

Senator Kate Brown
Rules Committee Chair

Dear Senator Brown,

Yesterday, July 18, was the sixth anniversary of the tragic crash that killed Martin Ferlitsch and Jennifer Ferlitsch and seriously injured Angela Ferlitsch.

Martin was killed instantly on July 18, 1999

Jennifer Angela Ferlitsch
January 22, 1987 - July 19, 1999

Today, July 19, is the anniversary of the day we were told there was no hope for Jennifer - she was brain-dead, and the machines were turned off.

Tomorrow, another family may begin a gruesome anniversary count of their loved ones' deaths - because a repeat DUII offender is free to kill again.

What can help? Passing House Bill 2828A.

The man who destroyed our family, James Willie, has now killed a total of four people and seriously injured two in three separate crashes in Oregon. He also has multiple DUII offenses in Texas. A felony murder conviction with a 25-year sentence is appropriate for this type of criminal. Although this applies to a narrow band of offender, I know there are other Oregon families in the same tragic situation.
I'm asking you to give your support to House Bill 2828A to protect innocent people from career DUII criminals. How many more deaths do you need to read about before there is a solution? Keeping repeat DUII drivers OFF THE ROAD is the ONLY way to protect us. Please schedule House Bill 2828A for a vote in the Rules Committee with a recommendation to pass on the Senate floor.

Jayne M. Ferlitsch
Registered Democrat

Martin Ferlitsch, July 4, 1929 - July 18, 1999

Angela Ferlitsch May 16, 1937 - almost died July 18, 1999 and continues to grieve every day


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