Governor Signs HCR-11 Honoring Bob Kouns


On June 6, 2005, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed House Concurrent Resolution 11 (HCR-11), the legislative resolution honoring Crime Victims United co-founder Bob Kouns as the father of crime victims' rights in Oregon. The ceremony was attended by Bob's wife and Crime Victims United co-founder Dee Dee Kouns, her son Dr. Patrick McDonald, and members of Crime Victims United.

Also present were many Oregon officials with whom Bob and Dee Dee Kouns worked over two decades, including Attorney General Hardy Myers, Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Carson, Oregon Supreme Court Justices Thomas Ballmer and Rives Kistler, State Senators Floyd Prozanski and Ginny Burdick, State Representatives Jerry Krummel, Jeff Barker and Arnie Roblan, District Attorneys Michael Schrunk, Bob Hermann, Brad Berry and Dan Norris, and many others.

The chief sponsor of HCR-11 was State Representative Jerry Krummel. His legislative assistant, Dawn Phillips, provided great energy and expertise in guiding HCR-11 through the process.

Representative Krummel's Press Release


Representative Krummel's Press Release

Governor Honors Kounses for Work Helping Crime Victims

(Salem) "Oregon is a much better place to live and raise our children because of the efforts they've made," said Governor Ted Kulongoski at a special ceremony at the State Capitol today honoring Bob and Dee Dee Kouns. "The citizens of Oregon are grateful." The Governor was joined by 30 other representatives from law enforcement and the justice system to recognize the Kounses through House Concurrent Resolution 11.

Representative Krummel (R-Wilsonville) told the gathering it is important we "recognize both Bob and Dee Dee for the work they've done and the partnership they've had to help crime victims" statewide. The Kounses were not only long time friends of Krummel, but also constituents for many years.

The Resolution passed unanimously in the House and Senate, co-sponsored by 86 members of both chambers. It was supported by Crime Victims United, the group the Kounses founded in 1983 and remained leaders of until 1997.

Dee Dee Kouns talked about her late husband's "great passions for life". She said two days before he died he wanted to celebrate their 50th anniversary and go to the trial of the man who murdered their daughter. The Kounses daughter Valerie disappeared from the San Francisco area in 1980 when she was 26 years old. Her remains were located a few years ago near the Canada/Washington State border.

Attorney General Hardy Meyers said the Kounses showed how two Oregonians can have a big impact on state policy and illustrated "the ability of an individual to make huge change to any single area and accomplish good change for our state." Among the dignitaries attending today's ceremony were several member of the Oregon Supreme Court, legislators, district attorneys, chiefs of police, sheriffs, and crime victims' advocates.

Governor Kulongoski speaks about Bob Kouns with Dee Dee Kouns and Representative Jerry Krummel listening.

Listening to Governor Kulongoski (from left): Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers, Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Carson, State Representative Dee Dee Kouns, Dr. Patrick McDonald (Dee Dee's son), State Senator Floyd Prozanski, State Representative Arnie Roblan, State Senator Ginny Burdick.

Dee Dee Kouns tells a story about Bob.

Dee Dee Kouns tells a story about Bob.

Governor Kulongoski signs HCR-11.

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