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The Christopher Peraza Story

The Murder of Calvin Schwarz

The Murder of Chad Render

The Brian Lawler Case

The Rashaan Coley Story

The Frank James Milligan Case

Eight Years For Murder

Four and One-Half Years For Murder

The Justin Thorp Case

Kip Kinkel and Measure 94

Laws Relating To Measure 11

Age as a Defense in Sex Crimes

Aggravated Murder

Arson 1

Assault 1

Assault 2

Compelling Prostitution

Ignorance as a Defense in Sex Crimes

Kidnapping 1

Kidnapping 2

Manslaughter 1

Manslaughter 2


Rape 1

Rape 2

Robbery 1

Robbery 2

Senate Bill 1049

Sexual Abuse 1

Sodomy 1

Sodomy 2

Unlawful Sexual Penetration 1

Unlawful Sexual Penetration 2

Using A Child In The Display Of A Sex Act