Eight Years For Murder


This story is based on an 9/5/2000 article in the Salem Statesman Journal.

The article is entitled "Murderer served eight years".

The first sentence in the article is "At the time of the sentence, the judge had no other choice."

This article tells the story of the 1992 strangulation of Gloria Jean Carey by Douglas Lloyd Harrison. This murder left Gloria Carey's three daughters without a mother and left many children without a grandmother.

Because the murder occurred when Measure 94 sentencing was in effect, and because the murderer had no prior serious convictions, the range of sentences available to the judge was 10 years to 10 years and one month. The 10 year sentence equates to 8 years in prison after "good time".

Measure 94 proponents have misrepresented a judge's discretion under their measure. They lead people to believe that a judge can give from 10 to 22 years. This is false, as the article graphically points out. Under Measure 94 sentencing, which was in effect from November, 1989 through March, 1995, 57 murder sentences, about 30% of the total, were in the 10 year to 10 year and one month range.

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