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Measure 94 repeals Measure 11 and goes back to the sentencing system in effect from November, 1989 through March, 1995.

Measure 94 slashes sentences for robbery, assault, kidnapping, sex abuse, rape, manslaughter, attempted murder and murder.

Under the Measure 94 sentencing system, it was common for rapists to serve less than 3 years and for murderers to serve just 8 years in prison.

Measure 94 requires that 3300 violent criminals and sex offenders be resentenced under much more lenient guidelines.

The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission estimates that 800 of these criminals would be released from prison within 90 days of the election.

Measure 94 proponents are making many blatant misrepresentations:

Shoplifting, drug offenses, stealing a bicycle, and minor fistfights are not Measure 11 offenses. Measure 11 covers the most serious crimes only.

Youth sentenced under Measure 11 are not sent to adult prison.

Measure 94 will indeed release hundreds of violent criminals and sex offenders with 90 days of the election.

Measure 94 does not give judges freedom to choose a sentence that fits the crime.

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